Alt Games, Small Games, Non Games: a love letter (zine) to unconventional game developers

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There are a lot of people making weird, experimental indie games. However, it is very hard to get featured on gaming sites, and even harder to discover an obscure game maker whose work will particularly resonate with you.

We are a bunch of people from around the world with a common goal: showcasing fascinating, small independent game developers. TRASHZINE is about the unknown. TRASHZINE is about MS-Paint graphics and barely any gameplay, but also about procedural text-based slime robots. TRASHZINE is about showing how diverse and unexpected the game development scene is.

The zine features short interviews with a couple dozen creators, exploring their inspirations, works and design processes.

Each interview is unique, both in the questions asked and the layout of the interview.

TRASHZINE is completely free to download on The initial volume was released in September 2017.

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